Hey there! I introduce myself as Alex from Malaysia. I am here because I love...

Dear Members,

I am sorry I have been away for a long time. I even forgot whether I introduced myself in the forum. So if you have no problem re-reading my introductory post, then here I start. May I introduce myself as Alex from Malaysia. I am here because I love English. Somewhere in the forum or in the e-mail course I even shared my feelings of learning English to Torsten the moderator of English-test. Anyway, English is something to me is totally different from what you think. This language is not simply a language to me, it is more than that and if you would allow, English is my love, my dream, and my white castle. I do not know if I can ever savour the victory of attaining this love, dream and white castle.

Please proofread and rectify if I have committed any mistakes in this very post.

great respect and love,

Alex aka trouper

Hi, Alex

That was deep. It’s a shame I cannot rectify your mistakes because I’m not that good at it, but I share your feelings for the language.
Anyway, keep up the great work, I’m sure you’re on the right track!

Later, man

Hi Alex (and Alex of course ;-))!
Welcome to english-test.net and many thanks for sharing your learning experiences with us. Interestingly enough both of you have the same name and as well as an excellent command of the English language. I already have some idea about Alex from South Park has been learning English. He frequently watches American TV and asks a lot questions here on the forum.

So what about you, Alex the Trouper? I mean how did you manage to achieve such an outstanding level of English?
Best regards,

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Dear Lost_soul,

Thank you very much for sharing the same feelings with me.

all the best,


Dear Torsten,

Thank you very much for your great compliments. I have been learning English since grade 2 and of course in the non English speaking country. I never realized how important the English language is until I registered for a computer course at NIIT where my classmates would talk in English and I could not express my personal feelings with them clearly. At first, being dominated by the American media I decided to learn American English. I would listen to CNN and would talk in American accent. Not to be intentionally demeaning, later when I fell in love with British accent I superseded CNN with BBC. It is something really cool when you pronounce “water” as “woter”. My personal feeling is that you feel proud when you talk in British accent. Surprisingly, I have no problem at all speaking in both British and American accent. I must acknowledge this is a great gift that I have from God almighty that I can adapt any accent.

Anyway, my problem with English is I do not feel confident and I do not know why. Even I was not feeling confident while writing here. I felt that something is wrong. May be it is because there is no one around to help me out identifying my errors, to assess and to help make my English better. May be I have to come to England for my Masters degree, make friends with the natives.

I really look forward to learn English through the help of the members of this forum and feel confident. I desperately need it to survive.

great respect and love,