Hey I have a picture

Just testing Torsten … you can delete this one (smile)


But how come you have so a nice one Torsten? I have made myslef so small I am all blurry !!

That’s one of the disadvantages of a small slef, I’m afraid.


Blurry pictures are “so a cheese!” 8) :lol:

You scaled it down too much. I think you can afford a tad better resolution (the max is 110x110). And use a good image editor.

By the way, you don’t need to post a message to find out what your avatar looks like :slight_smile: Soon as you have saved your profile with a new picture, your new picture propagates to all of your previous posts :lol:

Ah ha IC !!!

But then again, blurry is good sometimes. I dont want anyone recognising me when Im walking down the street (smile)