Hey can u help me rate my essay! :( I'm bad at my grammar and thinking skills

Movies are popular all over the world.Explain why movie are so popular

Movies are entertainment and we could learn so much from it. I believe everyone watches a movie before. Movies can help us to learn things and gain knowledge and also could help us to kill time. I will now justify my point

First and foremost, Movies can help us gain knowledge and gives us a better thinking skills. Many of us learn things by watching movies, for example, In the movie, we will come across the scene whereby the actor got bitten by a snake and the other will tie a string on the leg so the poison wouldn’t transmit to the other part of the body. This can allow people to know what to do if it happens in real life. Also, it gives us better-thinking skills

Secondly, By watching movies, we will understand the different types of personalities and know what type of people we should avoid. For example, We watched a movie relating to how a friend backstabs someone and hence we have a better idea of how to deal with such people or even know how to spot the red flags in a friendship.

Last but not least, Watching movies can kill boredom and entertain us. A movie normally lasts for 1h30min on average, so if someone is bored and has nothing to do, he or she will be entertained by watching movies and not just sit there and do nothing. Killing two birds with one stone!

In conclusion, the reason why movies are popular because it teaches us things that we don’t know and also it’s entertaining and fun for people to watch.


Hi, who are you writing your essays for? What exactly do you want to achieve with your writing? How would you rate your writing skills yourself?


Hello! for Toelf test :))
i want to check my grammars and how to improve it :slight_smile:


I recommend you spend a couple months on intensive reading before attempting to write any essays.


oh no… my Toelf test is in one week…

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could u help me check my grammar and mistakes?

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Correcting all your mistakes would take too much time and would not have much value. I think you need to change your plans.


okay, thank you!!!

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Hello, you are welcome to this community. But we will be pleased to have some idea about what your name (assumed or anointed) is.

Well, let me repeat Torsten’s question: How would you rate your writing skills yourself?

You should also examine your own essay and try to improve upon it. This is possible only if you revise and review it before publishing it.

See, I have just taken out your first sentence and modified it. You can compare both the versions given below and evaluate which sounds better.

Movies are entertainment and we could learn so much from it. Vs Movies are a good source of entertainment but we can also learn many things from them.

All the best.


Hi. I went through your essay. As the others pointed out, you need to dig deep into the basics and spend some time with the elementary grammar books and practice writing. However, as your exams are fast approaching, I would suggest you enroll into a mooc English course as soon as possible. Usually these are 2/4/8 week courses but self paced. If you can quickly grasp and dedicate your entire time, you’ll be able to finish the bulk of it in the next 2-3 days.
On the knowledge gained, start framing short and simple sentences in active voice. This would give you the confidence. Then I’d suggest you take the help of online grammar tools. Write and refer to it constantly, these online tools are like a stick behind. They point to the mistakes and correct you constantly, that would help you identify your mistakes and work on them.
But the most important thing is to not stop after your exams. Take a day or two’s break and get back the hard way, starting from the scratch. That would help you on the longer run.