"He's" Can it mean IS and HAS? Stuck on english exercise!

I am trying to do an english exercise and i have come across this sentence, which i am meant to correct, and honestly cant find anything wrong with it. My best guess is that the “he’s” is wrong and cannot be used in that way.

“Is John ill? He’s lost a lot of weight.”
“Yes, he is rather slender these days, isn’t he?”

Any help will be much appreciated! :smiley:

Hi Lisa

The word ‘slender’ is not terribly appropriate in the context. What do you think could be used instead?

indeed. slender is used to compliment someone on their body/weight regime
however the “is he ill?” suggests concern so another word is needed…I think that is the part of the sentence you need to focus on.

thank you all for your reply!
very stupid of me, trying to over complicate things, when the answer was so simple!

Stuck on another thing now, so will see you in my next post! :smiley: