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Here is the question, do you agree or disagree with following statement, life today is easier than when your grandparents were children.
Here is my essay
Apparently, with the progress of technology, society today compare to when my grandparents lived, has dramatically changed these years. Some people may claim that today’s competing society drive lots of people crazy. However, from my perspective, life is easier today than approximately 6 decades before in China
To begin with, there were not sufficient life resources, take food, clean water and electricity for instance at my grandparents time. People only care about how to survive instead of life qualities. To be more precise, the traffic system at that time was primary level. Only a few people could afford private car. The deliver system like bus, train, air plane also was not available for most citizens. It was hard for people to get far away from their home. On the other aspect, the technology of agriculture did not develop yet. Farmers could not offer enough food to the society. So people would rather take care of their stomach than any other things. In a conclusion, life was excessive tough at that time.
Contrarily, with the advancement of technology today, apparently, people are capable of sharing the achievement of technology such as telephone, internet, air plane, computer and such things like that, which make life easier, more convenient. Take a further explanation, people are able to travel around country, even to another country, by plain, private car, train. Also, information are delivered faster and faster. People acquire information by internet, iPod, and magazine. Undoubtedly, these technological progress make people’s life easier.
Additionally, modern life today extensively provide people adequate opportunities like job chances, school options, house options, which means people could make their choices freely. To be more specific, many new industries, fashion, tourism, shopping for instance, come out, due to the fast- developed technology. Fatherly, these industries are possible to provide more job opportunities. On the other hand, with more apartments have been built, people no longer worry about where to live, what they concentrate now is improving living conditions, life qualities.
In a brief, according to the description of today’s life, i am deeply convinced that life today, obviously, is more comfortable than it was when my grandparents were children.

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