Here I am, too! I am from Romania, Im am 31 years old and I have a 3 years old...

First of all I whant to tell you my english is not really good, so I hope to improve it and I hope you to help me.
So I ask you to show me when my expression is wrong.
I am from Romania, Im am 31 years old and I have a 3 years old boy.I Im learning english for Ielts exam. I am really afraid of it and I made many english online tests.
I have more problems in writing and pronunciation.

Hi Savitry, welcome. You don’t have to apologize because of your English level: we all are here to learn!

Hi Savitry!! Welcome!! :smiley:
Keep in touch!

Hi Savitry,
Im your neighbour. Im from Bulgaria.
let`s talk English… if you want.
my english is bad… sorry, but I want to learn it!


Thank you to all.
Jady I saw you are my neighbour, yes it is improtant to talk, to write, in fact!
Let’s talk!
I just found a talk list where you can write your own composition to be read and corrected. I will give you the link, ok?

this is perfect idea!!

Here it is :

I’m Seda from Turkey. First of all, I’d like to say that this site is so amazing and thank you for this opurtunity.
And I’d like to also say Hello from Turkey all member
Yours sincerely

You welcome!

Thank you !!!

you can start learning English right from here. go to the home page and select the exam you want to write. e.g TOEFL and choose the topic…there you go
anything else hit me i can be of help