Help!!!!! Please correct my essay...

What is the best age to marry?Give some reasons and examples to support your response.
Marriage is part of Life. It’s a Commitment between men and a woman. In my opinion getting marriage at certain age is good i.e for girls 23 or 24 and for boys 27 or 28 years because at that age they will well settled in their carrier and also more matured at that age.
First of all, I think this because after getting marriage they should not depend on others. They have to survive on their own. If they are well settled in their carrier they can enjoy the life style how they want. For example if both wife and husband are working then they can give good education to their children. Whole family will be well educated and they know how to survive in the world.

Secondly, if they are matured they can handle any situation easily. They know their own responsibilities. No one knows how the life will be after marriage some will be happy and some will be not happy every situation they have to face. For example in olden days they use to do marriages in early age i.e 12 to 13 years for girls they do know how to manage the things because of childish mentality and also giving birth to a child before 18 years due to that so many health problems and children will also not that much active and intelligent .

Finally, I think this because at that age both are sexually strong and they can enjoy their marriage life. Marriage plays a very important role in human’s life. So taking a correct decision is important.
I would like to conclude that, getting marriage in correct age is good. So that they can fulfill all their dreams and they can enjoy their happy married life.[/u]