Help, my friend scored a 770 and I want the same score

My friend just took the GMAT and he scored a 770, which is the top 1%. I am sooo jealous; what the heck!

I took the GMAT practical exam and scored a 580. I am looking to score a 700; I was told that’s what you need for a top 10 program. I am much stronger in Math. My worst section is Reading Comprehension.

This is what my friend told me to do to study. I am looking to spend 3 months to study. I think I will sign up at for the test by the end of this week.

My question is, is there anything else I can do to study? Will this get me to a high score?

  1. He said to not really worry about the AWA section; he only studied for a week.
  2. He said to buy the official GMAT book and do all of the questions right away
  3. He said he didn’t take any programs, but he gave me the books “Kaplan 800” and the “GMAT Official Verbal Questions book.”
  4. He also told me to do 2minuteGMAT and he gave me his password for 800Score (sorry I can’t post it here.)
  5. He said to read the New York Times every day; it’ll help my verbal.

Can I hear everyone’s opinion. I really want to go to the Yale School of Management so I need to do well!!

Thank you.

I need help too! Yale is an amazing school.

I signed up for too and I read a lot of books as well.

Send me a message and we can help eachother :slight_smile: