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[size=150]Parents or other adult relatives should make important decisions for their older teenaged children. Do you agree or disagree?[/size]

Many people believe that teenagers have the ability to make important decisions on your own, but I totally disagree with this concept. Teenagers are too young and immature to be good decision makers, especially to make important decisions. As far as I am concerned, we, teenagers, should rely on our parents and other adult relatives to make important decisions mainly because they are more experienced, and very supportive.

First of all, parents and adult relatives have more life experiences than we do. They are all older than us, so they have gone through many bumps and challenges along their ways of life. They also have exerted many experiences out of their struggles in the past. Therefore, they are undoubtedly more experienced than us, teenagers. If we decide important things on our own, our decisions tend to be ebullient but not all-rounded. Therefore, we will meet many troubles implementing and performing our plans. For example, when I was in high school, I went in to trouble in choosing university for my future job. Of course, I knew that I was in the turning point of my life. I felt so confused partly because vocational training program was not well-developed in my country at that time. Then I went asking my parents for advice. Eventually, they helped me out, I was very confident choosing my university because my parent had showed me what career the society is badly in need of, what kind of job that best fits my interest and my characters. Without the advice from my parent, I would have chosen a university that is graded low in rank, not in accordant with my dream of the future job. Overall, making important decisions is not up to teenagers, they must get help from people who are experienced.

Furthermore, our parents and adult relatives are very supportive, so they can help us greatly in making important decisions. No one in the world loves us and cares of us as our relatives. We have the same blood, we are connected to each other mentally. If we go into trouble, our loved ones would be the first person go to comfort us. That is why when we, teenagers, have to make an important decision, we should consult our parents and relatives first. Undoubtedly, they will tell you which side is better, what choice is best to you. They will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of your decision. This will make your decisions more well-informed or even make you reconsider your choice. On the other hand, if you go asking a stranger for advice, you may not have the best recommendation. For example, you consult a person about the school you want to apply for scholarship. He may gives many negative sides of that college and tell you stop thinking of that school because he also apply for it, and just do not want to have more competition. That of course is not a good and sincere advice because he is not supportive of you.

In short, making important decisions is not easy for teenagers to do it on their own. They have to get help from their parents and adult relatives to make a well-informed decisions. Our parents and relatives are so helpful because they are all experienced, and most importantly, very supportive.

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