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This is me, Loan, a student of you and
I have some difficult problem in English that I can’t solve myself. I really need your help. If you are free and don’t mind, please help me…
What do these sentences mean? :
-“The flight attendant seats the passengers” (What does “seat” mean here? It means the flight attendant are introducing the passengers how to sit, right?)
-“The police guard the bank” (Does it mean: the police protect the bank?)

  • Isn’t it typical of him that he should leave without saying goodbye?
    Please reply!
    Thank you very much!!!
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  1. To seat passengers means to escort the passengers to their seats. Or to show the passengers to their seats.
  2. Yes, to protect.
  3. Isn’t it typical of him to leave without saying good-bye?
    Or: doesn’t he usually leave without saying good-bye?

Thank you very much! God bless u! :smiley: