Help me! I can't pronounce words with "r"

Hi there,

I can’t pronounce words start with “r” such as

“round” and “roll”

Is there any trick, tip, tongue placing I should know of?

And can you guys say this sentence for me, maybe I’ll learn it if I keep on listening

“One hundred great gray round balls roll on the ground and gradually come to a stop”

Thank you so much!

Once again, I’m new here. I’ll get a mic soon!

Hello A>B,

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I’m afraid I don’t know of any tricks to learning this particular sound, though many people suffer the same problem, so perhaps someone who has mastered it will have more of an idea.

If you place your tongue on your top palate just a little way back from your teeth (almost touching but not quite) then your tongue will be in a position where it can vibrate against your palette. In this position you can practice what is known as ‘rolling’ an r sound.

This might help in addition to the phrase you have mentioned.

how the native speakers pronunce ‘r’ like r in the word three

Have you listen to my recording above, Geethamaha?

@Beeesneees, Thank you so much, your post is very helpful! Thank you!