Help me! English Grammar Questions

These exercises are difficult to me. Help me!

A. Choose the word or phrase that best completes each sentence:

  1. Because I had 1 few hours to ( ), I decided to catch a couple of movies at a theater near the garage.
    A. give B.allow C.spare .take

  2. Beyond the cars and traffic jams, many said it took a while to get used to so many people in one place , all of whom seemed ( ) they were moving at warp speed. B.that C.if if

  3. We attend school to get a degree ( ) we can graduate, get a job, and get on with our lives. C.but

  4. several months ago, on atrip to New York, Mr. Brown had difficulty ( ) the company’s mainframe computer using his laptop.
    A. to access B.accessing C.access accessed

  5. Nothing is known for certain, ( ) very much has been speculated, about the origin of language.
    A.unless case C.whether D.though

  6. Most authorities suggest that a good speech ( ) down into three basic parts: an introduction, he body of the speech and the sumation.
    A.falls B.extends C.breaks D.changes

  1. The best speakers are those who make their words sound ( ) even if memorized.
    A.introductory B.sporadic C.voluntary D.spontaneous


  1. Please reply ( ).
    A. at the soonest time
    B. at your early pleasure
    C. at your earliest convenience
    D. at your earliest possibility

  2. Guess who ( ) in town the other day!
    A. I ran over
    B. I’ve run acrossc
    C. I ran across
    D. I’ve run to

  3. Her visits to the family became ( ).
    A. few and far between
    B. few and long interval
    C. fewer and intermittently
    D. few and long between

  4. I’m afraid her work ( ).
    A. leaves me me desirous
    B. leaves much to be desired
    C. has more to desire
    D. has to desire more

  5. I won’t ( ) such a trick again.
    A. be caught out by
    B. catch up with
    C. be captive to
    D. be succumbed to

B. Find the mistakes:

A. Walk into any high school classroom in the country today, and
B. chances are at least one student there is suffering from a debilitating illness called depression.But when parents seek help for their children,

C. they all too often find themselves frustrated

D. by a lack of information in how best to treat the psychiatric disorder.

According to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, one out of every three new
riders enrolling in training school is female.

A. Women have become such a significant buying force that

B. companies like BMW and Suzuki are designing bikes tailored to women’s physiques.

C. Women are as passionate as men about the open road, but

D. perhaps not as likely to get chances. Motorcycle fatalities,
which are on the rise, remain a largely male phenomenon.


We are not here to do your exercises for you. My advice is for you to answer the questions and then one of us will comment on your answers.


I’ll come back soon with my answers!
Is it OK?

Her visits to the family became fewer and intermittently. Is this a correct answer?


You need the adjective ‘intermittent’ here and not the adverb ‘intermittently’.


So meaning, the correct answer: Her visits to the family is few and far between.

Her visits to the family are few and far between.

What is the meaning for ‘far between’ here?


Literally it means ‘a great distance between’.


“Her visits to the family are few and far between.” means “Her visits to the family are few and rare”.
Is it OK?


Yes. It means she doesn’t visit very often and those visits are rare.