help/help to

Hi Bee,

Could you tell me what’s right:
he asked to help form a quorum/…to help to form …
she helped to move the furniture/… helped move …

I’ve encountered both versions

Best regards

I’m not keen on either of the first expressions. Informally both are in use, I agree, but I’d say:
He asked for help to form a quorum.
He asked me/us/etc. to help (to) form a quorum.

Both ‘helped move’ and ‘help to move’ are correct there.

Ok, I will take into consideration

Thank you Beee :slight_smile:

P.S. When is your administration going to hire a tutor for the correction of essays? The ssay section is futile after Kitos’s leaving :frowning:

No use asking me about that, Remula. You know that all my work here is voluntary and unpaid.