Help for GRE Preparations

Hi all,
I am a new member to this forum.Iam planning to take GRE in two months time.
I have taken a few practice tests for verbal and observed my scores are not going up above 400.Iam worried.I would like to get some suggestions how to improve the score.I find reading comprehension very difficult.It will be very helpful if i get some tips to improve my score so that i can work towards it to get good scores.

In the quant section iam getting scores above 700.I would like to buy some books for practice test.How is GRE Big book and GRE Bible? I dont know which one is good.Any suggestions?

Many thanx

Dear Sva,

Thanks a lot for joining our forum and sharing your experiences with us. As for your question, there are a number of things you can do to prepare for the GRE. For example, create your own reading comprehension training program. Start by compiling a list of topics you are interested in. What do you like doing in your free time? Find articles, websites and other reading materials covering your areas of interest. Focus on the information rather than the language. Use the English language as a means rather than seeing it as the goals you are working towards.

Please let me know what you think and we can talk more.

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I would study verbal strategy and work on verbal practice questions as much as you can. Unfortunately, with two months left, you probably wouldn’t have time for leisure reading, which would take longer to have an impact on your score than focusing on verbal practice would.

Do you have the official practice question book? Here’s a link to it: … f95190RCRD

Also, Cracking the GRE has great verbal strategies: … 715&sr=8-1

Hope this helps…