Like the title says ^^


My name is Lovro Mirnik.
I’m 18 years old and am currently studying mechatronics in high school.

Although there is a good future in that profession, I would like to recieve a [color=red]masters degree in the English language and then work as a translator.
But for that I must study hard, as I am from Slovenia, where English is a second language.

[size=100]Anyhow, I think I speak English well, since I am the best in Slovenia at my age… (=P Haha, I just had to bring it up. You see, I recently participated in the state championship of the English language and won the first prize!! =P)
But I would still like a talk mate, to improve my sentence forming abillities… I am talking about type talking at first, and then maybe progress up to speaking.

I hope you got to know me a little better… If you have any questions, just ask.
[color=red]Thank you for reading and the best of luck :wink:


hello dear how r u thanks and i wish you to success in you life we also like to learn Eng
but i like to have profile

hello dear ,i have no comment about id like u take your time learning to improve your english and wish u my best.

Thank you both…
I wish the best for you too. Take care :wink:

Masoom2, how do you mean “but I like to have profile”?

Are you suggesting I should update my profile? ^^