Thank you for all of your mails to me. I am a lunguage teacher in Ranong, Thailand. We need some volunteers from all over the world to make bright future for our kids.

Hello from the state of kansas in the United States. I live in Overland Park, Kansas in the U.S.A. My home is south west of kansas city about 10 Km. You have a very beautiful family there in Thailand.Thanks for the photo.I was in Bangkok In 1969 on a rest from The Vienam war. I really enjoyed my time there and loved the city and people. I am going to try to look at your town on Google Earth and see where you live. You can do the same for my town. Here in the center of the United States the weather is not much different than yours. In the summer that is. It can get up to 30 degrees C. here and high humidity. BUT different from you we can get much snow in our winter. I have seen the temperature go as low as -2 degrees C with high wind blowing and is very cold. I work as an incoming inspection person for products coming into our business. I enjoy amateur radio. that is I can talk on the radio to many places around the world. I have talked to 2 radio operators in thailand a few years ago.

I wish that I could figure out how to upload a photo of me but cant seem to make it work. when I am home I enjoy radio electronics and build a lot of my own equiptment. Transmitters and receivers.but I cant seem to learn how to post my photo for you to see. May life be good to all of your lovely family

I will go now and say my very best greetings from the center of the United States

My best Regards

Thank you for your post to me. It was very nice of you. My name is Somkiert. I am helping the migrant children in Ranong Province. We made a lot of Camp for all the children as English Camps.