Hello! Where are you going?

Hello, where are you going?

Oh, to the west, I go hooking.

and how about you?

Oh, to the east , I go pimping.

Business good?

Yeah, promising, I must say.

Have fun.

Not all fools are dumb.

When all cheaters are dumb.


TOEIC listening, photographs: On the treadmill[YSaerTTEW443543]

The upside down world
With a great deal of enthusiasm, I set off eastwards following the sun.
All of the sudden, I got back to the past within the West.
Sorry, I can’t help it that the world is meant to be round.
You had better go down under to get away from this topsy turvy world
at long last only to find her upended.

I’m a dumb and deaf and foolish…

Sorry, I can’t help it that the world is meant to be round.<<

How can you be so sure that the world is round.

You could get hanged or burned if you said it in Columbus times. Learn some more.

Have fun!

I think you’re dumber than me. What a species.

And you should bend backwards. It could make you more handsome. Especially early in the morning.

Hee, hee.

I’m a dumb and deaf and foolish…<<

I don’t think you’re none of it.

You are blind.


For you can’t see A as three lines.


And the difference leeching and mentoring.

Giggle ( 5 times. )

only to find her upended.<<

That’s interesting?

Pinky ones?

Oh Sire, what are talking?
The earth is as round as in my head and like my head!
Mentoring and leeching, no idea about that.
Yeah, I forgot, I’m blind too, but no reason for bending over backwards and much less in the morning only for <>. I’m never alone, always tête-à-tête – it’s just a duchess from down under that bends over northwards, capito capitano? This is called <>, already tried, Sire? It makes you blind, dumb and deaf (and stinky!) but…giggling, hähä.
Have a great night, wherever you go.

See deeper into some black holes and you can get me.

I see you are a hundred years younger than me.

But funny.

Have fun!

I can’t know how a Dukess can be so dumb. Mysterious.

You must be in love. Ahem.

When they love, they see black.

When they hate, they see white.

Have fun!

Oh, I know why you can’t bend backwards in the morning.

A hee.

For real, never heard of <>?