Hello to everyone! I'm Anna Maria from Italy. I'm 30 and I live near Rome...

I’m Anna Maria from Italy. I’m 30 and I live near Rome and at the moment I’m attending the last lesson of my English course.
I’m a nurse and I’m just starting a new job in a local hospital.
I want to make new friends and improve my English.
Please write me and tell me about yourselves!

hi Anna!
my name is Danijela and I’m from Serbia, but now I live in Turnersville. Turnersville is small place near Philadelphia.

We are same age, I’m 30 to. :slight_smile:

Italy is so beautiful , I was a couple of times, but never in Rome …I was in Venice and Milan, and i spent nice time there and bring beautiful memories…

kind regards,

Hi Daniela, I’m so happy of your reply, why do you live there? Do you work? I’m sorry for my english but I’ve been learning sinse 4th December 2008.
I would like to worg as a nurse in USA, but I’ve to speak english very well!
See you later!

Hi, Anna
Its nice to practice English with you.if you like
I am teem from syria ,

How 're u ?
Does any of u know the SANIKO ?
If u do send me messige.

Hi Anna,
I’m Rosario, nice to meet you. Please join with us here to practice our English.
Italy is a wonderful city, I usually watched on TV Pope celebrated mass on Christmas day and Easter day.

Take care,

Hi Anna, I’m Diego. I’m from Medellin Colombia, I’m 32 years old and I really want to learn English, but I know I need more practice. It would be nice practice with people like you.

Hi Anna!

You are welcome to this nice forum.