Hello to everybody! My name is Viviana, I'm from Colombia...


My name is Viviana, I’m from Colombia. I’m glad to join this page. I think the page offers a nice oportunity to learn and improve our English’s knowledge.

Thank so much :slight_smile:

Hello, Viviana! Im Dragana. I live in Serbia.To be honest Im interesting in you because you come from Colombia. Politicians in my country call Serbia “Balkan Colombia”. Thats has a negative connotation. How old are you? Im 26 years old and I work as a accountant in a small agency. What do you do? I`m very exciting to knowing you. I hope it will be common desire.

Hi Dragana, nice to meet you.
I’m 23 years old and, currently I study a master degree about Political Science in The University of Chile in Santiago. Now, with regard to the comparison of Serbia with Colombia, I think that unfortunately both countries have suffered the effects of the war, and both countries share some common political features.
Well, I hope we keep in touch, it would be nice to know more about Serbia and of course, I can tell you many things about Colombia and South America in general.