Hello to everybody! My name is Natali. I am from Kiev, Ukraine...

My name is Natali. I am from Kiev, Ukraine.

I am very happy to join this forum. I would like to improve my English and meet a lot of new friends as well.

Wish you all nice day!

Dear Natali
Your country seems to be very intersting one regarding to everything, politically, economically and culturally too.
May we have a personal communication through my e-mail ?
My e-mail is pirashaqir@yahoo.com
lets share information without any limits.

Warmest regards

Pira E


Ofcourse this is a good country…


Yavi, it seems you speak Russian quiet well …

Well, its just the beginning…I am not fluent yet…I have my friends In Odessa and Moscow…I am learning from them…We guys are working together…