Hello! This is Jennifer from Korla, Xinjiang China...

hi everybody,
this jennifer from korla,xinjiang china. :smiley:
a very romote place with 23 nationalities :lol: surprising, isn’t it.
i love this place. i love the diversity of cultures here.
i’m currently teaching english to teenagers. :slight_smile:
they are to intelligent that i believe i need you to help me out. :stuck_out_tongue:
nice to be here. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi everybody, this is Jennifer from Korla,Xinjiang China.
A very remote place with 23 nationalities. Surprising, isn’t it ?
I love this place. I love the diversity of cultures here.
I’m currently teaching English to teenagers.
They are so intelligent that I believe I need you to help me out.
Nice to be here.
Really Jennifer, you are a teacher ? I’m looking for a job. Are there any vacancies there ?


Hi Kitosdad, i’m currently working at a private school, which is not permitted to have teacher from outside China. However, there are several local public high schools that are granted the permission to have foreign teacher.
Are you interested in teaching kids between 6 to 19?

Good morning Jennifer. Not really, too far from home for my comfort.

Thanks just the same.

My pleasure. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Jenny Im Lhunglha Stevens. Im from USA. I am thinking of teaching in Korla. a high school. I can help you with your english. can you tell me if there is any work this summer? I like to teach in little schools. They want me to start in September. Im getting visa now.I can teach private groups in a house too. have worked in Chnegdu, Mangzouli, Daqing,Harbin.If I can get some private classes, then I can come now. Thanks,Lhunglha

hello Lhunglha,
nice to have you here.
could you please say a little bit more about yourself, like how old were the students whom you taught, what textbookd you are best at, how many students were there in a class?
the more, the better.
P.s. are you getting the working visa?

I have a lot of yrs under my belt. I have adventured to 26 countries. Im learning Russian. do you know any russians? Thanks,Stephen

Hello Jenny and Lhunglha! NIce to meet you! We will be colleagues in future, because I want to be an English teacher too! =)

Hope to keep in touch with you! Don’t hesitate on contact me to make a friend! =)