Hello, this is Gray (even if this is blue ;))

hello everyone, i am gray,
not white or black you can say,
let’s walk together,
on this beautiful way :slight_smile:

I feel nostalgic when I get back to this post. But at the same time I feel unheard as no one replied :frowning: And I am shamed-faced at reading me for myself :slight_smile:

Life is quite similar – a mix of emotions.


At least this could fetch a laugh, I am deeply humbled with your footprints here. :wink:

Hehe…victory is mine, but you are not on the other side too :wink:

[Wording the last voice message]

Hi Mouhcine,

Thanks for being here to read me. And I hope I pronounce your name correctly.

I thought for a while about the colour thing we were discussing yesterday. And now I have something tangible with me. I am sure you could recognize the difference between water and milk. So, which do to think is colourless – water or milk? I think I don’t need an explanation now on why white is a colour.

Thanks again for such an interesting question.