Hello people I'm from Bulgaria!

Hello people :), I am from Bulgaria :)and I want to talk with interesting people from different places in the whole world and in this way to improve my english ! :slight_smile:

Hi yOLINa,

Thank you for speaking up. Where exactly in Bulgaria are you from? Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna or Burgas?[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, photographs: Walking outside[YSaerTTEW443543]

I live in the capital of a country Sofia !

Hi yolina!!!
Welcome :))) By the way, one day I visited Bulgaria :)) I visited the camp on the Black sea coast…I like dit very much!! :smiley: And also, I visited such cities as Burgas & Sozopol. Yeah, very beautiful towns :))) I wish I could see Sofia either :)))

Hi yolina, Welcome to the Club,
So tell us a little about yourself, what you do and how long you’ve been learning English.-enquiering minds want to know!

Hello Jailbird,
When did you visit to Bulgaria? Our country have beautiful and incredible nature. A lot of tourist who visited Bulgaria the firts thing which give a attention is our nature. Bulgaria also is popular with the yoghurt.

hi yOLINa ~~

I once travelled Europe Countries. But I do not go Bulgaria.

However, I know Bulgaria that this country is famous for “milk”. right??
In Korea, famous milk product name is “Bulgaris” :slight_smile:

Oh… You wrote that your country and yoghurt~

i would be glad to be your faithful friend to improve english with you!!!do you have a general idea of chinese culture?

Hello yOLINa.

I’m Tom, from the US.

Did you learn about the Magyars in school?

Nice to meet you ! :slight_smile:

Hi neverland.

I wonder that Why you do want to know general idea of chinese culture.

I’m not a Chinise, but Korean.
Although I live in nearby China, I don’t know that general idea of chinese culture is “exactly”
I think that China is very huge. So general meaning is not matter, I think.
I sometimes think that China is more complexed than the US, so called " melting pot"

Hi,yOLINa and everyone else :)),
I am from Bulgaria too and I am so happy to see so many nice people from all over the world!That really inspirits me :slight_smile:
yOLINa,are you going to take any exam or test like TOEFL etc?

Hi there,
So many Bulgarians here?! That’s great. I myself lived in Bulgaria for a couple of years. My father had to do with real estate in Sofia and so we had to move there, but I was very little then and so I don’t speak any Bulgarian, but I would love to learn it again.
I am currently thinking about doing an English Certificate like TOEFL.


I am rajesh from India…visiting bulgaria next week… interesitng to see lot of bulgarians here and I am eager to see your country. I heard it has beautiful people and beautiful places.