Hello my new friends from all the world! I am Michele from Indonesia...

:smiley: hi my friends , I am Michele from Indonesia . I want to make friends from all the world coz we can share everything.

Hello Michele, I hope you will. :slight_smile:

Hello… everybody, I’m Lena Raing from Indonesia…

Hi everyone … I’m guruh from indonesia… I’m 24 years old. I have worked at PT. Sigma Cipta Caraka as consultant IT. How about you ?

Hello Michele, Good morning and How are you today?
I’m very happy, coz now I have joint in your forum.
Today I come early in my office and spend a litle time for visit you…

Hi all, my name’s Yen from Vietnam. Nice to meet u all ^ ^

Hi Michele
Hi Guruh

How are you?
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Best regards