Hello, My name is Thien Duzngvn. I come from VietNam.

Hello, My name is Duzung. I come from VietNam, I am 27 years old. I am still single. I had graduated from Water Resoures University in Vietnam. Nowadays, I want to learn English well to improve my English skill because in the furture I want to go abroad for master degree. I like playing football, I am also interested in reading book and watching movie. I like become a good friend with everyone in the world!

Hi Duzung,

Welcome on english-test! If you feel like discussing books, movies or football, you can do it here.

There are quite a few people out there who are curious to learn more about Vietnam’s efforts to qualify for the next world cup :wink:

Take care,


Hello? My name is Nyamka .I am from Mongolia.I am 20 years old. I study at University in Mongolia.I want to learn English grammar and speaking.Because i want to learn master degree.

Thank you

Hi Duzung

I’m Chi Le, and comes from Vietnam, too. I’m living in Ho Chi Minh City. I’m 23 and will get married next year, then i will come to US for living, so now i want to learn speaking english as fast as possible. I graduated from Faculty of Economic and laws at HCMC national uni, and working as an accountant for LG Co., at the moment. I can’t speak english well without preparing it at home, for example, whenever my company has event, i will try to prepare some speechs in english at home and try to speak alone. Then i can speak in front of everyone fluently. My problem is, i can’t do it well everytime. So that’s why i afraid i cant speak english well when i go abroad for living.

Your university hear so trange, what is it? What is your major in this uni? Where are you living now? Please contact me for a good method in this field.

Hello Nyamka. Can we present here our language profiles and respective cultures using english language? If yes you are pleased to wriite me here or even through my e-mail address. Best regards from me and Albania too. My e-mail is howtoforgether@yahoo.com