Hello, my name is Stoja and I am from Serbia!

I am wery hapy for this chance.
I am from Serbia and now after I married to my fiance I moved to do US.
I newer had any english classes back home and as you can probably see I have troubles with wrighting and spelling.
God news is that I can read and understand ewerything and I am shoure that this lessons will help me a lot.
I wona to ajust to lieve here as soon is posible and that is why is wery important for me to learn english and I also wona to impress my husbend. :smiley:
Thank you

Hello Stoja,

Many thanks for joining our forum. It’s very good that you understand English texts because reading will help you improve your spelling and grammar too. You will receive you next email lesson on Saturday and I look forward to talking to you again. By the way, where in the US do you live? How is life different there from what you were used to back home?


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