Hello! My name is Olga...

Hi to everyone!
:slight_smile: Hoping to find many new friends here!
Good luck, Olga.

hello there
im new too . im hoping to find new friends too :smiley:

hello there,
I am naina… i want to improve my English writing and speaking skills

:smiley: Hi Naiajain!
The same to me, I also want to imrove my English.
You see it’s very difficult to do it without communication,
I’ll be happy to get to know you better, will you tell me a bit about yourself, as for me I live in Saint- Petersburg, it’s the most beautiful city in Russia, I like doing many things: going to the theatre,museums, travelling, growing flowers and socializing with my friends.
I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Best wishes,

Hello Eyes!
I really believe that where there is a will there is a way.
So, if we have a great desire, we can do everything,
Good luck in your studies!
Olga :smiley:

Hello Tolla

How are you

I am also new here. My name is krishan. here I want to improve my english & make new friends.
For the English Improvement communication is very importent.
You say that if we have a great desire , we can do everything. it is absolutely right. Currently i determined that i will improve my english reading & writing. i write anything If it is wrong.

if here i write anything wrong
please suggest me

Hello I am Luzuko from South Africa I want to your first freind from forum.Hey freind can you please tell me more about yourself.

Hey mom how are you.Hey I’m Luzuko from SA I would to be one of your freinds.

Hi guys and gals,

Welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

Hey I just to thank you for your mativation and I hope we will make our dreams true of speaking English fluently and we will make our freindship will work

Hi Olga,
I am Naina. I belong to Bhopal. It’s the center most city of Madhya Prdesh nad Madhya Pradesh is the center most state of India. People here speak Hindi. I belong to a small and a religious family. I like singing, dancing, sketching and many more creative things. I am a fun loving person and respects all religions.

Naina :slight_smile:

Olga I thing you are good girl I was born in Ukraine I live several years in Armenia now I live in USA I listen your recording voice you speak very well I am proud of you because I am from Ukraine and now this is country different from Russia before all people in other country said me russia but Why? We had and have different culture and language Now I am Ukrainian and all people here know who am I
This is my opinion you can be agree or disagree
I want will be that - country prosperity and healthy economic
bless God Ukraine

my warm recards Lidiya