Hello! My name is Danielle, I'm from Belgium and I would like to improve...

Hello everybody! I’m a new member of that site. My name is Danielle, I’m from Belgium and I would like to improve my English and find new friends as well.

Hello Danielle,

Welcome to the forum!
Nice to meet you!


Hallo Danielle,
Welcome, I´m from Slovakia. I visit Belgium for three times. Ilike Bruggi, Gent and Brussel also.

Hi, Danielle. let’s learn more about English with the rest of the peoples in this forum.

hello,everybody:)My name is Jasmina and I’am from Bulgaria.I wish to improve my English…I get in a difficult position when a must translate on Bulgarian into English :frowning: I wish to learn this language :slight_smile:

Hi Fitou!
It’s nice to meet you here