Hello mates! I am from Poland! Could you help me to improve my English?

Recently I have been living in Ireland…and I am going to go to a college! i must known english very good if i want get a place in. So i hope you will help me in it…thanks!

Cześć Robson,

Welcome to english-test.net! It’s good that you have joined our forum because you can tell us more about life in Poland and Ireland while we’ll help you improve your English. Does that sound OK to you?

Talk to you soon,

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Cześć Robson:)
I’m also from Poland:) Which country do you prefer? Ireland or Poland? Write something about it.

Everybody here is from Poland, Torstenski is also Polish.

Hi Magda! Nice to meet you! Of course i prefer Poland! it’s my country…I love it! Enyway Ireland is also very nice but more of the time there is raining and the air is dump? But in Ireland there are lots of polish people over 200tys so sometimes i can feel like in Poland. And you how are you? tell me anything about yurself? in which city do you live in Poland? have you ever been in english spoken country?

hello hello! ok if you have any qurious about Poland or Ireland i am willing to tell you about them! i can see you know polish word czesc… are you polish?