Hello! I'm Sveta from Odessa.

Hello everybody! I’m Sveta from Odessa))

hello Sveta and everybody i am sofana Martinez, i from Nicaragua, i try to speak english!!!

Hello Sofana, nice to meet you)))

Hi Sveta welcome to the forum i`m new here too…but i tell you that anyway


[hi how old are you>?
tell me about yo, i speak a little english sorry


I’m 24 years old. I live in Odessa, it’s in south of Ukraine. I’m working in forwarding company. In free time i like go to tha dance lesson, walk streets, read book and simply spend time with my friends?
What about you Sofana?

hi i am 22 years old. i live in managua, i graduate in industrial engieneer, i work at AVON, i like play football and enjoy watch it.
i love dance a lot… i enjoy stay with my friends and family!!!