Hello! I'm Joana from Bulgaria

Hello everybody I’m Joana.I’m from BULGARIA.I’m a student.I like to play games,watching TV,listening music,singing :lol: and mani other things…

Hi Joana, My name is Abdou, I am from Algeria
I want make friends chat with them, learn english with them…etc
If you want to make chat with me send me your msn
Yhis is my msn: mhabdou07360@hotmail.fr

Hey Joana,
wow a lot of hobbies there.
Do you just sing by yourself or are you part of a band?

Just for fun :slight_smile:
And what you like to do ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Joana,

My name is Dimitar, and I am from Bulgaria as well. How did you encounter this site? Be sure you will get tons of professional and useful help. By the way, how old are you and which city are you coming from?

Best regards

In terms of music, I play piano and guitar.

Sometimes I compose some songs in my room but its just for fun too :wink:

but I always find myself wishing I could sing. That would be a great talent :smiley:

Piano and guitar!Very ineresting!Could you send me some of tha songs you’ve composed! :slight_smile: If only you want of course :wink:

ah ha!
err no I’m a bit shy about that to be honest.
anyway I find it hard to record when I’m playing the piano because its not in the same room as my computer. Guitar is easier to record, but I’m not so good on the guitar.

What kind of music do you listen to?