Hello, I'm from Kingdom of Bahrain. I want to improve my English because...

Hi every body !
I’m a new member. I’m from Kingdom of Bahrain. I want to improve my English because my English is very bad. I hope you help me to learning and improving my English.
Thank you !

Welcome to English-Test, Genius.

Are you really a genius??-- I wish I were!). Your English doesn’t sound so poor, but we will be happy to answer any of your questions here.


Hello Genius!! Nice to have you here!!Enjoy the forum! :smiley:


my name is daniela, I am from Romania and hope to see more of you around.


Hello! I’m Alex from Russia, Moscow. I hope, we’ll get on.

Could anybody tell me, some references to some free chat!? Thanks a lot in advance.

PS Please correct me, if i write wrong.

Best regards

Hi Alex,

I hope you will enjoy this experience, and I am positive that there are many new things to learn and people to meet.

I am interested in business english communication so if you are to perhaps we could “chat” a little about it.

Last year I have participated to an european intercultural program (Leonardo da Vinci if you heard of it) and it just made a short of summary of what to be learnt. Now I’m looking for practice.


Hi, Dani.
I know a little in this sphere, because we only get started to learn business english. May be do you know a brand Market Leader!?

I’m very interested in your supply to chat. I look forward to know more about you:) But now, I should hurry.


Hi Alex,

Welcome aboard, it’s good you have joined our community. How are things in Moscow? As for free chat channels, you might want to try Skype, it’s probably one of the best services available at this point.
Also, Google has launched Google Talk, a rather handy little tool which is free to use too.

TOEIC listening, question-response: Would you like cream in your coffee?[YSaerTTEW443543]

Hi Torsten,
Thanks for nice words, I’m very appreciated.
As for Moscow, there is a wonderfull time season, Indian summer.

hi thanks for your work