Hello, I am Ilya from Estonia.

Hello, my name is Ilya. Im a russian, but I live in Estonia. Im very happy, that I have found this site, I hope, that I can improve my English thanks to the materials of this site.
My English is bad, but I believe that somebody can help me.
Write me, if you are intrested in speaking with me. :smiley:



I hope you are happy.

you can approve your english with this website.

Danilo Dolci:
It’s important to know that words don’t move mountains. Work, exacting work moves mountains.

Hello dear new friend,
Just to begin with, at the moment I feel a little bit like I’ve have hit bottom. I like to meet people from far away, it is nice when I read about new friends from the other part of the globe. I am Joao Fonseca, from Brazil. I live in the capital city named Brasilia. DF. So I would like to make a toast to you of a welcome aboard and let’s keep up our english writing to each other and exchanges information about ourselves and cultural difference, It would be nice if we all could speak same language. but it is not a reason for lose it. If we were in person I am the kind of mouth off, but on the flip side let’s jot down and please drop some lines, I am anxious and look forwading in receiving another note from you. play it cool, just at your earliest convenience. see you.