Hello! I am Gunel from Baku, Azerbaijan.

Hello everybody I am Gunel from Baku in Azerbaijan. I am 24. I am a Student . I know English but my grammar is very bad . I can speak read in english but with mistakes This is my big problem I dont know how to solve this problem I hope you will help me in this. Thanks I will continue to write you.

Hello Gunel and many thanks for joining our forum. What do you study? Your English is already pretty good and you can get even better if you surround yourself with English on a daily basis.

Please let me know what you think.

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Hello Torsten . I am study at the faculty International Ralation and Region Study . My spesiality was Russia when i was studying in bacelour degree but now i am studyind in master degree My new spesiality is Turkey. I know Turkish Russian and a little german . Last year i have taken english class but it didnt help me becouse my grammar is very bad and i think without learning grammar people can not speak in another language . I dont know why i can not to learn english grammar it is very important problem for me I hope you will help me