Hello from Turkey!

Hello everybody,
I’m 16 years old high school student in Turkey.I am a new member . First, I want to thank all of you especially Torsten Daerr because of creating this site.It helps me so much and improve my English.I had forgotten my password so I couldn’t write this message for a long time.Fortunately , there is an ‘‘I forgot my password’’ button.So that ,I will be keeping up visiting this site.

-Is ‘‘keeping up visiting this site’’ correct .It sounds like wrong to me.Is follow a site more suitable ?
-which one of them I use a or an in this sentence ‘‘there is an ‘‘I forgot my password’’ button’’ ?Because it use with the noun (here it refers to the button), but after it I use a sentence.

Thanks for your reply.

Hi Dunnoanything,
I’m Yasamin and from Iran. Hows it going? really nice to see you here. I’m a new member just like U,

I’m glad to meet you.It is great to be here .

I do agree with you. by the way I’ve been in Istanbul one time. Its an amazing city. I like it.

WOOW . I live in Istanbul . Happy to like here ,neighbour :smiley: . I’d like to visit your country .

My country is nice too, just like your country specially Isfahan and tehran and shiraz and tabriz. Hope you to come to my country.

My friend will come Iran. And I hope one day I’ll travel there . I wonder how does your school exams like ? For example mine is make exam week and that’s terrible.in one night I study all lessons . last week it had finished

Hello freind from Turky,i am Eman from Iraq so we are neibours

Hello dear Eman , nice to meet you!

mine is terrible too! every single day I have exams. sometime I cant study all my lessons and I get mad marks. today I had a bad argument with one of my teachers because I hadn’t enough time to study that teacher’s lesson. They cant undrestand us! and 2 times a year we have to take exams of all of the lessons and the highschool will give us the report cards.

oh ! ı can really understand you. well I had an argument with my lot of teachers Because I always late all lessons. :smiley:

poor us! I wanna know that do u study in different majors in your school? for example mine is mathematics. if yes, whats your major?

Mine is maths and science. I chosed it 2 years ago ,it is hard now but i still interested in them

so our major are almost like each other. I’m sorry but I’m very sleepy know. all day long I had classes. I have to sleep know. if not I cant get up tomorrow for school!
it was a very good time. I like to talk with u another time too. agree?

of course :smiley: Good night !

good evening this is my first time to write in a forum i hope i dont make lots of dictiation mistaks , and wish to make lots of friends so we can help each other in learning English i come from Saudi Arabia , and i finished shool
now i am studying at the university majoring in tranlstion althow its intresting field but its hard specialy speaking becouse there no one to practic the languge with this is what i can say for my self now hope to share ideas buy for now .