Hello from Cambodia!


Hi, very body!

I am Vanroth Vann. I am 30 years old.
I work as the Research supervisor in an Organization in Cambodia.
I spend my part time to involve in English Class for the rural area.
I am here because I want to practice more and receive all the good experience or lessons to pass them to the young adult and children here.
Here if we didn’t know English and Computer, we wouldn’t find the good job.
If you come to Cambodia and want to help me practicing English with my students, please contact me by phone 092757588, email:vanrothkcd@yahoo.com. or kcd.orgfree.com.

It is really nice to have chance to learn here!




Hello Vanroth,

Welcome to the forums, but you might want to reconsider posting you phone number and address as you might attract spam.