Hello friends, hello Torsten! My name is Andrey. I'm from Russia.

Hello friends, hello Torsten! My name is Andrey. I’m from Russia. I’m 30 years old.

I’m glad to join this community. This site is awesome! I very like yours clear explanation about the English language and so -live- forum.

Hello Andrey,
Welcome to our forum. I’m Souad from Algeria.
Russia has been always a country of greatness in my mind. I 'd like to know more about it , would you ? :o

Hello Souad! How are you? How’s it going in Algeria? Could you tell me a little bit more about yourself and your country? What do the people in Algeria take an interest in? How long have you been learning English? I’ve been learning English for 1.5 year. My mother’s tonque is Russian. I’m a computer programmer. I live in Khabarovsk. It’s on the Far East of Russia. We have a lot of snow in winter. Have you ever seen falling snow? It’s very funny to throw snowballs with each other.

I am an english teacher. I work with teenagers ( 13 to 17) and my work is very hard since it is related to education. My country is a big one in northern Africa . the climate here is verry hot in summer , verry cold and snowy on the mountains in winter. Algerian people are kind in their nature , full of energy and proud . They like the “CHAABI music” (a folklor), the Algerian food ( medeteranean) and moreover we are proud of our history ( one and half million martyrs to get the independence of our country) . you may visit my page in this forum " HI , I am SOUAD " where you can know more about Algeria .
If I don’t bother you, I would like to know more about the Russian people , culture and the way of life .
My best regard