Hello. Fabian from Sydney

Hi everybody

I’m here in Sydney Australia, learning and improving my English, so if someone want a little practice we can do it.

Yo, sup dude?

Hi, Famaya
Let’s practice by English.
I live in Mongolia its located center of Asia.
what’s your nationality?
send me your ID

Hi, Famaya.
Its nice to practice English with you.
I am Andrea from Hong Kong in China.

Hi, Famaya.
I’m interesting to practice English with you.
I am Teem from syria

Hello everybody at this topic! Don’t make me feel out of your conversation!!! =) . I am Luciano from Argentina! Would you like to be my friend, girls?

See you around and loves!!!

How 're u ?
Does any of u know the SANIKO ?
If u do send me messige.