Hello everyone.

Hello everyone,

My name is Ema I am 21 years old,I was able to see 21 winters and not so many summers, because here in Norway summer avoiding us…
I was born in England , to be more specific London, but at my second birthday, I went to Serbia and then Norway.

I am student of philosophy university, although my dream was to become a professional psychologist, with a core specialty psychologist for people with mental health problems, schizophrenics the mostly. After I read few stories mostly about schizophrenia I was amazed, and since than I decided to learn more about them, and to help them to find a way trough.

Now as a philosopher I can’t do much to help world, actually I can, people are the biggest disease to the world…

I hope I’ll improve my English on this forum, my vocabulary is enormous, but my English skills are not that good to express my every thought…

Thanks in advance.

Welcome to forum!
My name is Rachel, from California.

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Hi Ema
I’m Daleen ,I live in Saudi Arabia (It’s at the Middle East)
I want to improve my language skills
what do you feel with this studying, don’t you feel that your mind will go upside down
I hear about schizophrenia in movies
I think it is difficult to study it
but hopefully you will success

hello everybody
I’m christopher ,from Philippines
I want to improve my speaking and writing skills…I tried to listen some conversation in the television…but I’m having a problem with my communication ,I cant speak fluently ,Its hard for me to use the words in the vocabulary …I dont know when can I use it.
I’m afraid to speak english in front of many people who are good in english.
I can’t speak english well ,when in front of many people.
I dont know the reasons why I got tense .

You simply haven’t done it often enough to get used to it, Samchris.

What should I do if I have no conditions for using English, especially speaking. I wish I were in US :slight_smile:

You could start by using the voice recording application on this forum.
The steps you need to take to record your voice can be found here.

If you have problems after trying that, you will find instructions and troubleshooting steps here:
Recording voice messages on the forum.
This is a long post, but you need to work through things one step at a time, checking whether your problem has been solved at the end of each step.