Hello everyone! Would you like to be my friend and help me to improve my English?

Hi, my name is Stefanie.I’m from Taiwan.
To whom may be a nice person and likes Chinese culture and could teach me English writing and speaking, please feel free to email me and be my friend!!

Nice to meet you all!!

Hello Stefanie,

My name is Francis and I’m from Bentonville, AR. I just moved from Houston, TX. Bentonville is an small town, but beautiful (and also cold). I’m originally from Puerto Rico. But I moved to the states almost 2 years ago. I also speak spanish and I’m here, because I want to improve my english skills (well I want to talk more fluently and learn more vocabulary). So hit me up when you have a chance. If you want you can add me to your Gmail chat (francis.crespo@gmail.com). Take care.

Hi My dear colleague ,

You have beautiful feet… What size please?

Hi Francis,nice to meet you !! I’ll add you to my Gmail chat list after going home because I am still working in my office.=(
I want to speak in English more fluently as well.Hope we can chat then and improve both our English skills.Thanks for your reply and look forward to our first chat.

Hi Solomon, how come you want to know about my feet size?Haha, i guess maybe about 7.Lucky 7

hi, Hope u be good. I’d like to be beside U so we will progress faster while we learn much more than a language…
I’m T.A from Iran, learning english about 5-6 year and still not master of it, but it works for me…
I’m very intrested in working together although I do not like Chinese culture. If u dont see this rude, I think Taiwan is not same as China and at least in their product they differn. leave that… anyway im on "TA_redstar@yahoo.com" and like to read more about u if u would.
Wow Im learning Spanish too. Nice to meet U "Francis " can I count on Your help?
VIVA All you, Stars!
Take care of yourself

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of course Taiwan is not same as China!

[color=darkblue]I would love to help you in any way you need.
So feel free to ask whatever.
See You!!! :smiley:

hi ,
My name is suresh from India I am also new to this forum ,I want to be best pal with you more than ,while learning language .so howz life there in argentia ,right now what ru doing …dont be misunderstood just be anxoiusly I am asking.

See u soon:)-


Can you teach me some of the latin dances please… :))

Sorry!!! I don`t know how to dance! believe it or not! Not even tango!
I think i have two wooden legs!

Hi , I would like to be a your freind

i want to know more about english

want improove written english

can improove english

lwant learn more

hello VTV.
It´s a pity you haven´t completed your profile so we dont know much about you!


dear vtv
why dont you complete your profile?
if you have any doubts juast post a message in the forum
march09 :smiley:

Hi guys! my name is Vincent from Philippines. I moved to America last two years. I came here because I want to study here and becoming a doctor. Just tell me or email me what you need so i can give some websites. Hope you like it.

hi, march 9

Here is my msn: vvtvmtv@yahoo.com
we can improve our oral english by msn