Hello everyone, my name is Judy

Hello everyone, my name is Judy, I come from China. And I like music and skiing.

Join this forum just for improving my english ,especially improving my wirting.

thank a lot

Hi Judy! Nice to see you on this forum. My name is Karol, I come from Poland.
I would like to improve my english, like you. So I think we could be pen friends and email together.
My mail karol.k880@gmail.com
Write me something more about you and your country :slight_smile:

hello, my name is harry(an English name) i from Vietnam and like you i want to improve my english. We can be friend on here, oh i’m just 13 years old

Hello, Judy! Really glad to meet you because I’m also from China.
My English name is Wendy and I’m hopin to be your friend!
Best wishes!