Hello, everyone! My name is Jeff He and I come from China. Now I am working in...

My name is jeff he and I come from China. Now I am working in Japan and have few chances to speak in English. I believe this forum and the English courses here can help me to reprove my English. Let’s enjoy learning English.

I agree with you, Jeff. Let’s just continue sharing more ideas and thoughts to gain more knowledge from each other. By the way, I am Harry, a copyeditor, from the Phils. Hope I can also share some ideas and knowledge with you in my own ways.

To Harry

Thank you for your reply. I am a software engineer now. Could you introduce your hometown for me? I think we can share some ideas and knowledge with you too.

By the way, I like the Harry Potter films very much. Do you?

Hello, Jeff, My name Moeun. How are you?

Hi, Jeff. You are welcome. Oh I see. That’s good! You’ve got a nice profession. Yah, I am a fan of Harry Potter films. I am a copyeditor from the Philippines, particularly in Dumaguete City. I’ve been editing engineering and scientific papers for years now. Sure, I am very much willing to share my knowledge and ideas. :slight_smile: How about you, what keeps you busy?

Hi Jeff,

I am Mechelle from the Philippines…We have the same reason why we are here in this forum…I really wanted to learn about this language…Looking forward to hearing any news or queries from you soon. Let’s help one another, okay?

Thank you, Moeun. Where do you come from and what do you do?

Of course. You are welcome.

Hey, Jeff,

It’s nice to have you on-board. Please note the spelling of ‘improve’ and try distinguishing it from ‘reprove’.

Best regards

Hey, SkiIucK. Thank you for your notice. I am glad to hear any advice about
English learning from you.

Hi, Jeff. Just interact if you have any questions and inquiries. I hope we can help in any way we can. Take care.

it would be nice of u you to give me ur advice

plz help me too