Hello Everyone! My name is Fahad and I'm from New Delhi, India...

Hi All,

My name is Fahad and I’m from New Delhi, India. I joined this forum today after finishing my research over internet to find the best site where I can improve my written and spoken English skills. I found this forum with full of interesting members and helping moderators which convinced me to become a member immediately. I’m working as a Jr. accountant and had to write so many emails everyday. I’ve observed that I take so much time in writing an email as I have a lack of confidence in writing English and a fear of someone pointing out my grammatical mistakes.

Although, I have an immense hunger of learning and I’m completely open for the positive feedback.

I will explore this forum as much as i can and will participate with others to help myself in a better way.

Thanks a lot.

Welcome Fahad. Might I point out that we have a Voice Recording facility that you should find very beneficial in your quest for improvement. You normally can expect a response to your recordings within half an hour or so. Give it a try at your earliest opportunity.

Try to avoid using " i " in your written communications. It is a very big " put-off " to your readers.

Kitosdad. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

tell you the truth,when i meet the person who speaks not russian language,but another,i’m at a loss,i have a lack of confidence in my english.