Hello everyone, my name is Alex and in need of improving my English skills

Hello everyone, my name is Alex Han and I’m from New Zealand. My nationality is Chinese and I have been learning English for about 8 years.

Recently my English skills, which have so far served me very well, proved inadequate during a exam, thus in order to prepare me against the up-coming study year of 2010 and doubtless increasing expectations of higher academic English expertise from my lecturers I decided to search the web to find a place for me to practice. I stumbled on this website and was immediately drawn towards friendly atmosphere, and 10 minutes later here I am writing this self introduction!

Nice to meet you all and I wish that everyone get what they seek in the forum.

p.s. do not think that my English is so good that there is no mistakes, I actually had to go over this with Microsoft word several times to make sure there isn’t anything wrong with it. :wink:

Hi Alex,

I think a go over with Microsoft Word wouldn’t help you with sentence construction :wink: - and your syntax seems to me excellent. Have a go for a voice message.

I’m looking forward to hear from you.


Hi alltogether! I would like to introduce myself to your gruop! My name is Dieter Radke, living in a small town called Möckmühl close to Heilbronn, Germany. Heilbronn is famous about the biggest ‘‘vine village festival’’ at least in Germany.My proffesion is IT-software ingeneer. The reason to improve my English is for better pronouncing and also to find the right words to explane my clients what they have to do or not to do using the software. It’s more than 40 years ago when I have been in an English lesson at school. Sometimes I wonder myself about my Englisch knowledge. There were not so many oportunities to get some contacts with English speaking people.
During holyday especially in south asia it was necessary to speak English. So now I made my dessision to improve my English for to be more independant and able to discuss with people who are grown up in different cultur !

Thank you all for your replies, it is your enthusiastic response to my post are what is so great about this forum, that the members are ready, eager and willing to reply messages and to me I think that is the most important thing for a forum.

As to the matter of voice recording, i do not yet have a usable microphone so voice massage won’t be possible for a while.

Interesting stuff, but please not turn this learning forum into a place for advertisements

Hi Alex ,
I am Reham , I’m from Saudi Arabia and I learned English from my sisters , they are english teachers and I came here to improve my english skills …
by the way ,my sister sent this web to me …

try not to use Microsoft Word because we are here to learn so it is ok if there is a mistake someone will correct to you and you will learn better from your mistakes …

wish you all the best ,

Sweet Caro =)

Thank you Reham for your advices, I use Microsoft word mainly to remove typo from my post as it is easier for other people to read it with out having a hard time trying to guess what i wrote down, but I can see where your concern come from and thank you for bring this up to me.