Hello everyone! I'm Yuka from Japan, but at the moment I've been living in...

I’ve just joined in this forum, and an trying to introduce myself (althou I’m not sure how I can use this tool…). Anyway, I’m from Japan, but at the moment I’ve been living in the north of England and studing English and searching for new experience.
I’m also planning to take IELTS exsamination in June. So i have to be prepared myself for this exam. I’ve just received the first lesson from Torsten and learnt a lot from exercises which he gave me (unfortunately I haven’t got MP3, so I couldn’t listen to the audio English course…). And I’d like to say to Torsten “Thank you so much”, and am really looking forward to next lesson!!


Good luck, Yuka

but at the moment I am living in the North of England

So I have to be prepared for this exam


So I have to prepare myself for this exam