Hello everyone. I'm Tom from UK.

Hi, i’m tom and from UK.

Hi Tom! I’m Kim Ngan but you can call me to be Kim.
I come from Viet Nam
The first i join here to study English
I hope everyone to help me.

Nice to meet you , Kim ! we 're fellow-countrymans ^^ . I come from Viet Nam , too .
I have studied English at school , but the knowledge I 've learn at there , isn’t enough for me to master my English well . So I joined this 4rum :slight_smile:
I also enjoy chat in English to improve idiom part , Let 's pm me “beautiful_panda2001” if so do you .

Hi Tom ! It 's almost midnight in your country , isn’t it ?! … good night :slight_smile:

Hi all!

Well I am sure talking on here will help. The staff seem friendly and helpful, and there are plenty of us English-speakers here who you can ask if you have questions or problems. I, for one, am happy to help. =)

Hi Doug,

Thanks a lot for joining our forum. It’s great to have another native speaker on board. How are things with you in Staffordshire? What do you do?

Talk to you soon,

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At the moment I’m just doing a CELTA course in Chester.

More generally though, I work as a temp, doing admin work at Uni Hospital of North Staffs. Nothing too exciting, just to pay the bills and bide my time.

Also, I’d like to say you’re doing a great job here. People seem friendly, everyone is made welcome, all questions answered… It’s very good to see =)