Hello everyone..I'm Nhi ..I would love to be your friends

Hi there… Greetings from Vietnam ;)…My name is Nhi .My pleasure to meet you…=] I would love to have as many friends as I can so…Please say hi to me and we can have a little talk perhaps ;)?

However, I love English . Im going to take the toefl IBT test soon so hope everyone can help me to improve my English skills . Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,

Amy Nhi Nguyen

Hi Nhi I’m Bhojraj from India a new member here like you. I, like you, want to improve my English and I think this is the right place where we can improve our English and make good friends at the same time. Bye

Hi Nhi,
I’m Mai. I’m Vietnamese ,too. Really nice to meet you! Hope to talk to you soon…

@ Bhojraj =] Nice too meet u too…I totally agree with u …I was so happy that I found this website…

@ Mai =]] Such a nice conceidence…It’s my pleasure dear…:X really hope that I will see u soon

Hi, nice to meet you all here.

Hi Nhi , bhojand mai,

I am Bala from India. I want to practice english and get more friends.

Shall we be friends?

Waiting for your reply.