Hello everyone! I have been in the US for several years...

Hi everyone!!! Im so glad i found this site ,it is very helpful. My name is Nata,and i’m from Russia originally, i have been in the US for several years. Im trying to improve my english language skills in order to do successfully in TOEFL and my everyday life. Many thanks to all the administrators and all the members . i love it!!!

Hi Nata, how are you?

I also loved finding this site. Well, in my case I’m learning English, studying for myself. I was 6 months in England, and it I can have a better development. I still use the translator to write, because I understand English more reading than listening … :slight_smile: I wish you all the best, Kisses, Ligia.

Hi Nata:)
I totally agree with you that the site is really helpful so I’m using the moment to say: Thank you to all of you helping me and many others to improve and increase our English skills:)
BTW I’m trying to do TOEFL too…what do you need it for? For school?
Kind Regards,

Hello guys!! Yes, I am trying to enroll in school here in US. I went to college in Russia , studied languistics , but didn’t graduate . So I’m here now , and trying to finish my education. In order to go to college here , I have to pass the TOEFL. So that’s why I’m trying to improve my English . Found this website , soo happy . Very helpful . I need to improve my vocabluary , and work on essays , I think that’s my weakest point . Do u know how can I improve my essay writing skills? Why do u need to pass TOEFL for? Tell me about yourself .

Hello Natka well, I can not help you in your study, because I’m at the basic level of English but wish you much success in your exam! kissess***

hi, welcome ladies… I wish you the best… It will be my pleasure to help you if I can

bye bye

Thanks Smvghost… Are you studying for some test or to improve your English? kissess***

Ty Ligia and Smvghost , and everyone else. Best of luck to u , guys , too!!

Hi Natka, how are You ?
so if You have been in USA for several years, I’m just guessing that Your English is quite good, is it ? Where exactly have you been in the USA, and what were You doing there ??? I really envy You, I’d love to go to USA one day, well to be honest I would like to live there :wink: but I doubt that it would ever be possible for me ;( well maybe one day it will change but now it’s rather impossible… anyway now I’m studying English by myself because in near future I’m going to go abroad ( to the rainy UK ) and obviously I need it to be able to talk with people :wink: and one of many other reasons why I’m learning it, is simply because I love watching movies :slight_smile: and most of great movies is in English and now I can watch it without subtitles :wink: and of course another great advantage of knowing English is possibilities to communicate witch people from all around the world ;D that’s really amazing :d
Ok that’s all for now :slight_smile: have a nice weekend and take care
bye bye :wink:

Hi people:)
I’d love to see the reply of Natka because I was in the USA twice and when I read about Natka’s experience I wanted to ask her the same question Mxgts asked her already…Natka we are waiting for your reply:)
Good luck for now with all the tests that this site give us as a chance for improving existing English skills:P
Talk to you soon guys:)

And just BTW if you want we can give each others e- mails or skype ( if you use it:) and we could communicate more:)

Hi Natka, Smvghost,Mxgts and Teodora… everything all right?

How are you going with their studies? In these last days I’m with my son at home, then I havent studied hard. A friend here at the site, if I may hint begin studying basic grammar. I plan starts tomorrow!

I wish a great week for you Natka and for friends too!

I used to love the Smurfs when I was a kid!

Thank you guys! Good luck with your studies too! And yes, I do love smurfs a well,Boke , as u can tell!

Sorry guys ,coudn’t answer sooner. Got a little busy. Well, long story short,i was an exchange student from Russia ,when i got to USA,i loved it here so much,so i decided to stay for a while and try a new life away from home. Well,im still here,doing alright,my english is ok,but by far ,not the best. That’s why i am here ,improving my language skills and getting ready to pass the TOEFL. I’m thinking getting registered for the beginning of June.
yes,i would love to exchange emails or i do have a skype to,that way we could practice together and may be become friends. Good luck to everyone !!!Have a nice day.

Hi NAtka, I’m Lhou from the Philippines, I’m new to this site and very glad to be on it. I’m sure it is a big help in polishing my English. Like you, i need to pass my TOEFL ibt too, to work in US. It’s one of our requirements. I took the exam 2 years ago, and failed the speaking part by 3 points. But still, i need to retake the entire exam, well, hoping and making sure i will this time. Hope we could practice together, I’m willing to exchange mails and voice chat as well. have a great day to you.

Hello Lhou, when are u planning on taking TOEFL? What do u do? Was the test hard when u took it 2 years ago?

Privet Natka!

Welcome to the forum.

I’m a fellow learner in this forum and, like you, I’d also like to improve my English.

I’ve tracked down your tests records and I can see that you are having a tough time with TOEFL. What sort of TOEFL do they use in US? Paper-based, computer-based or Internet-based?

I am currently assigned by my employers to teach paper based TOEFL prep class for young adults (highschool students preparing for university admission). Paper-based test is still widely used where I come from.

Hi Nat, TOEFL ibt is a little hard, I have lots of colleagues taking it and mostly failed, especially the speaking part. I am planning to take supposed to be this May,but I think I am not ready yet. June will be my target month.

Hello guys,well… mostly they use ibt in us now,but they do have a paper-based ones too,not as often,as ibt. Yeah,i am having a hard time ,especially with my vocabulary and essays. I am not sure how i could improve my vocabulary. im trying to write down the words and that that way to remember as much as i can. But it’s not coming easy. Do u guys have any suggestion?

Hi everyone my name is Annie. i had this side for a while. l love this side so much and i like to read everyone write. because i had poor writing and try to learn from your guys. i don’t know why for me english is so difficult to improve. i had reading problem too. how can i improve my english.
have a great day to everyone.