Hello everyone! I am Mallinathan from India.

I am Mallinathan from a small state in India popularly known or we would rather as God’s own country. I am a Tool and die maker by profession. I worked in countries like Malaysia, Mexico, US and also visited countries like Germany, Japan, Singapore and Thailand on short term training programs. I am very much intrigued by different languages and cultures. I have always tried to learn the Language of the place I work. With in India itself I have been fortunate to learn five different languages including English. My schooling was my vernacular medium, Malayalam. So I had tough time when the medium of Instruction was changed to English during my college days. I used to listen to the class initially with out even understanding a single sentence. Dictionary was my best companion. I used to read English News papers, magazines, Novels and other books and listen to news in English, but some how the language skill eluded me. So I am looking in this forum to learn from the native speakers. I am also interested in learning Malayu , Spanish and German.
With best wishes

Dear Mallinathan,

Thanks a lot for joining our forum and welcome to english-test.net! You already have a lot of experience in learning languages under your belt and I look forward to sharing ideas and thoughts with you. Please tell me more about your profession. What kind of tools do you make and what company do you work for? Are you employed or self-employed? As for your English, it’s amazing that you started learning the language from scratch by attending college. How often do you speak English now? Also, which of the countries you have been to did you like best and why?

Talk to you soon,

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Dear Torsten,

Thanks a lot for your quick response and willingness to improve my English. As far as my profession is concerned I am working as an Assistant Manager training in a training centre at Coimbatore, India. The various courses offered in our training centre are:

  1. Diploma in Tool and Die engineering
  2. Diploma in precision machining
  3. Diploma in Machatronics and
  4. Post Diploma in Tool design

Apart from managing the various activities of the training centre, I also teach certain technical subjects like Mold design theory, Die casting theory and Tool and die economics. As we have trainees from all over India and also because of the job demands our medium of instruction is invariably English.
We make all kinds of tools for producing sheet metal components, plastic components, die cast component and also jigs and fixture for secondary operations. We also teach precision machining and tool design. We use various software, machines both conventional and CNC, pneumatic and hydraulic controls to train our students. Since the course is practical oriented we allot 70% of their training hours for practical training.
Among the countries I visited I like Japan the most because from the ruins of world war they have been able to build the second largest economy in the world against all adversities.

With thanks and regards