Hello everyone, greetings from Brazil!

Well, my name is Rogério Fernandes and i live in São Paulo, Brazil. My objectives on this forum is to become more and more proficient on the english language, by doing so i believe that my carreer as business administrator will be greatly improved, but i’m still a high school student by now. Good luck for us!!!

Hi Fernades,
You live in a very famous city and a very very famous country. You know, I love Brazil and wish that one day I’ll have an opportunity to visit your country. You’re a business administrator or you’re going to be? Best wishes to you.
When there is a will, there is a way!

You will be very welcome to my country and to my city, really hope you do this come true very soon. Honestly, i’ve always admired the strength and the courage about all of the people of your country, would be great to visit the temples and know more about the History of this amazing country. I’ve heard that when the Vietnam was a colony of the United kingdom, its name was Indochina. Am i right with this information??? Please forgive me if what i’m saying seems to be foolishness, the fact is, it is a pleasure to know you and i hope to be your new friend. Answering your question, i’m not a business administrator yet, but actually i believe this will come true…well, i hope so :wink: !!!

Hello again Fernades,
I’m very happy when I read your reply, especially when I realize you know my country. Well, you know, we was invaded two times, first by France and next by United States. My country is still poor but we’re doing everything we can to develop the economy.
Let me introduce something about myself. Well, my name’s Thao (means “grass”). I’m 18 years old and studing in high school like you. I love books. I read book all days, whenever I have time! I also like watching film, especially action movie. All of my friends are really suprised when hearing about my hobby. They all said that they supposed I loved romantic film. Maybe because I look … romantic!
But in fact, I love action movie because I love heros : Spiderman, Superman and … so on.
What about you? I want to know more about you for better-understanding, Ok?
Best wishes to you.
Your friend,

Hello…I’m also from Brazil. I was taking a look at the topic and just saw your chat.
could I join the chat?

Hello Abraaocoutinho,

Thanks a lot for joining our forum. Please tell us more about yourself. Where in Brazil do you live and where did you learn English?

Talk to you soon,

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HI Torsten,
I live in Belo Horizonte city, state of Minas Gerais and I’m 22 y. o.
I’ve been studying English for 6 years and recently I’ve got a job in which I work as a translation assitant.
I found this forum while I was making a research on english vocabulary. I translate business texts for a
software company from Brazil and I consult the internet all the time to find terminological vocabulary.
Could I ask for some information when I get any doubt about such field?


Hi Abraão,

Thanks a lot for your swift response. Of course you can ask any questions you have regarding your translations. I take it you translate software documentation from Portuguese in English?


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That’s just it. The softwares are oriented to food service management. I’ve just saw a topic here on the website in which people
discussed about better ways to describe business procedures and it was helpful to me. thanks. I guess we will meet almost every day
by here.
thanks Torsten.

Hi Sophie, Sorry to take this long to answer this post but my ISP ( internet service provider ) was down about 24 hs and the whole São Paulo stayed without internet service, i don’t know exactly what happened but is something related with the DNS server. Talking about the favorite things a like to do, i like too much of “Rhapsody”, a simphonic metal band with a wonderfull project, melt the medieval fantastic tales and classical instruments with metal music…i know it sounds a little bit funny but is very good!!! Cool, the meanning of your name have some relation with a nature subject, Thao, i like it ^^. Ow, I have 31 years old and lost a very much time of my life before restart with my studies…well, there’s always time to begin our lifes, no matter what the other people says!!!

PS: Everyone is welcome to this thread, take your place Abraão, Minas Gerais huh, is a very cool place to live…let’s know more about each other with a little more time!!!

Hello Fernandes!
I admire you so much because you’re so strong-willed. You’re 31 years old but you still try your best to turn over a new leaf, a brighter future. Learning isn’t easy, I know. I have a lot of difficulties in my studying, sometimes I feel quite disappointed. But I think when I know you, I realize we can do everything we want, no matter when we start. Try your best, I believe with your endeavour, you can turn your dream come true!

Thank you for the support Sophie, it is not easy to make this so far from the suitable age, but if we think about it with diligence there is no other way to proceed. Whenever exists life, will be ever reasons to fight. Just one note: I really like to know that your hobbies are related with mine :roll: …action movies and comic book heros like Avengers, Daredevil, Spiderman and so many others, i’ve readed a lot of this on my whole childhood. Pretty cool!!!
PS: I’m still a enthusiastic fan of DC and Marvelcomics^^!!!

Hello again, Fernandes!
It’s great that we have something in common! Well, could you tell me more about your study now and about your job, too? I’m eager to know more about you!
Have a nice day!

hi rogerio!!
my name is Thainá Nunes!
i’m from brazil too!!
i live in Belém/Pará.
is very good see a brazilian here!!
and i’m new here!!

i am very happy with learn more english!
i finished my english curse here last year!
but i can stop!

because i’m going to travel to EUA next month!!
to estudy at santa ana college! journalism!
i’m very ancious!!
and i don’t wanna forget nothing about english!!

Hellow Thainá, be welcome to this thread and enjoy our hospitality. So you will improve your studies in the USA, i hope you take a pleasant time there and make everything you want to. Feel free to introduce yourself here and i’ll take this opportunity to say for everybody who’s already posted your message here and the ones who will come into, let’s talk people, everyone together will make this journey of learning english a little bit more nice!!!

Hi there :wink: , Actually i work with my father on our familiar small business, that’s what i do to pay my high school bills every month…and pass the most part of my weekends studying programming languages like C++ and other things related. Now it’s your turn to say something more about you, and ask anything you want about me.
PS: We’ll know more about each other with the time and some posts :roll:

hi rogerio, thanks about the attencion!!
and i wanna ask where did u learn english?
your english is ia veryyyy god!!
and how old are u?

Thank you very much, I’m 31 years old and have learned english by myself. You can call me a homelike man, spending the most part of my days reading and trying to learn something usefull :wink: , i like too much of things related with computers and now i’m fascinated with the business administration course that i’m on the 4º period ( completing the second year ). We need to talk and talk a lot to improve our thechniques of speech and write even more to make everything clear on our mind, my purpose here is to make some friends and take english proficiency with your help. I wish this for all of us!!!

PS: I don’t think my english is that so good like you said but i have spent almost 6 years to be where i’m today, you will be even more than i’m now with no time, you will see. And that’s for sure, just get hard on selfstudies!!!

Good morning!
Oh, I extremely admire anyone who’re deficient in technology and programing language because … I have to say I’m terribly bad at them. Well, I’m learning Pascal, not C++ but I have a lot of problems with my study. I always get bad marks (So shy!). Have you joined in other forums to ask question yet, so that you can improve your English? I think you should do now. There’re a lot of good people here and they’ll try to help you, try to explain and make clear what you misunderstand. So post the question now if you have any. I’ll read your ­question and post reply if I can (because I’m not very good at English as you can see.)